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First Day Experience at Atlanta Tribune

By Shamiah Byrd, Editorial Intern

My name is Shamiah Byrd and I am an intern at Atlanta Tribune: The Magazine. On my first day I felt nervous because I’ve never worked for a company like this one; but as the day went on, I loosened up. Having energetic and welcoming people around me, made it easier for me to do what needed to be done and feel at ease with myself.

The first day was great. My supervisor told me everything I needed to know as far as job tasks, major and minor projects, expectations and responsibilities as an intern; and things that I could look forward to while working here. I got a chance to work on an organization/archiving project and officially meet the people who I will be assisting during my internship.

Atlanta Tribune is a unique magazine that has an outlook unlike any other magazine. Using the topics of financial, political and economic wellness and wealth-building, this magazine gives a perspective from different angles that helps entrepreneurs, business professionals, executives and politicians. It’s not about being “rich,” but more so about having access to the tools that one needs to become better at their profession.

Its target is not to give you the latest songs and what’s going on with the celebrities, but simply to give you insight on people behind the scenes who are workinghard. That is one thing I have learned so far from this publication — that it is imperative to take notice of the things that others are doing to make a difference in the world.

I hadn’t ever read an Atlanta Tribune issue before starting my job, but I hope to gain a lot from this experience. I hope to gain more information about journalism, learn to view things and different situations from different angles, and find out more about large corporations and small businesses. I expect to walk away with a better view of things and better time management. I also expect to get a better feel of what it’s like to work in a fast pace  environment. I feel that if I do my best at Atlanta Tribune and give it my absolute ALL, I can accomplish everything that needs to be accomplished … not just to get a paycheck and lift some of the weight off the people I work for, but to gain a perspective and turn it into something greater in the near future.

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