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NFL: Finally Unlocked

By Lilia Stokes, Editorial Intern

Patience has been a virtue if you are an NFL fan. After waiting patiently during months of negotiations you will finally be able to witness your first NFL preseason game August 11.

The ten teams who will be featured in the preseason games on August 11 begin official training camp on today.

Friday afternoon more excitement happens as teams get the opportunity to make additions to their rosters. Teams will legally be able to sign any available free agents. From Friday teams will be given a 72- hour window where they will have to make decisions in regards to figuring out the new salary cap and solidify free agent rules.

The offices for each franchise are sure to be busy in the coming weeks. Many housekeeping task must be tackled, the preseason game is a few weeks away. Plenty of paperwork, phone calls, and legal matters must be taken care of first.

Also the NFL has to make decisions of how they plan on dealing with players who have violated policy during the lockout. The major question that stems from that is can those players be punished if they violated any policies, and if so when can they be punished?

The NFL has a lot of housekeeping to do before August 11 arrives, but one thing for certain, Monday Night Football, an American pastime will return this year.

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