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Is Facebook More than Just a Social Network?

By Clarissa Williams, Editorial Intern

The well-known social networking site Facebook has been aiming higher than ever in the past few years. In conjunction with the advancing smartphones, Facebook has created a Facebook camera app, and has purchased Instagram from Twitter. According to the New York Times, it appears that Facebook has been aiming higher than just the apps that they have dedicated to mobile smartphones.

Now,  Facebook is preparing to release a smartphone of its own.

While there is currently no concrete release date, this Facebook phone has apparently been in the works since 2010 and has been worked on by former Apple employees. It is hard to believe that a company that began as a social networking site, designed specifically for the Internet, would be able to successfully pull off a mobile device. However, because Facebook is a thriving company, the phone might just be more than what is expected for the company and the consumers.

One of the main reasons why Facebook has decided to enter into the mobile phone realm as more than just an app, is the fact that they needed something tangible. Several companies that began as online sites have produced something that their consumers can hold on to, instead of just close or log off. When Google bought the software in 2006 for the Android, they became more than just a site on the Internet for their consumers. The Facebook phone may achieve the same success and fame as the iPhone; however, it will be interesting to see whether people choose to log on or log off.


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