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Microsoft’s mistakes; No Consumer Enthusiasm

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By Kelli Bennett, Editorial Intern

Microsoft serves as a prime example in showing that in the world of technology, extensive codes and formats are not always as important as customer satisfaction and experience.  According to Randall Stross of the New York Times, the following mistakes are some that tarnished Microsoft’s customer experience which diminished the strength of their brand.

Past Mistakes:

  • 1990 Launch of Windows CE: operating system for ultra-small computers
  • Windows Live: included Windows Live Mail, Windows Live Search, Windows Live Toolbar, Windows Live Family Safety and Windows Live Writer

                    According to customers and analysts, the program was not easy to                        understand

Negative Customer Experience = Weak Brand

Stross said if Microsoft had not dropped the ball on Windows CE this software could have easily morphed into the tablet market.  This would have been a fundamental step in improving Microsoft’s brand.

Many asked only tolerate Microsoft Windows because their employers use it. They look forward to their Macs used outside of the office for an ideal personal computing experience.

It is unfortunate that Microsoft Windows has this problem. I’ve always wondered why so many favored Apple over Microsoft Windows, now I see a large reason — customer experience. People are infatuated with Apple not because of the logo, but because of the compatibility it offers.

I’ve told myself that once I free myself from this college student budget, I will invest into Apple products. Reading about Microsoft’s mistakes makes it even more likely.


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