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How to Use Twitter to Separate Business and Pleasure

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By Kelli Bennett Editorial Intern

“Corporate ambassadors balance representing an organization and their own identity.” –Hajj Flemings, Black Enterprise Tech Columnist.

As employees make various transitions (or improve their current status) some find themselves struggling to maintain their individuality while representing their respective companies in a professional manner. Flemings’ quote epitomizes the three reasons why a professional Twitter should be established along with a pleasure account.

Establishing your digital footprint is important:

Establish your digital footprint. If your Twitter identity is only linked to a corporate account that you manage, but don’t own, you are building social capital for someone else’s brand, not your own.

Your Twitter account needs to be portable:

Twitter handle: (Ex:  @KelliBennett)

This will allow a multifaceted handle in the event of a position/job change.

You want to build your network before you need it:

Build a geographically diverse network of business connections.

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