In Case You Missed It: Quotables & Highlights From the Workplace Diversity Summit

Moderator Loretta Young Walker, and panelists Pollie Massey Battle, Moanica Caston and Yvonne Cowser Yancy

“Inclusion is really the “then what” in diversity.” – Moanica Caston

“Do you have the cultural competence to ask ‘who’s missing?'” – Pollie Battle

“Women make up 52 percent of U.S. pop; less than 3 percent of executive population; WOC less than 1 percent of exec pop.” – Moanica Caston

“Kudos to @Cityofatlanta approx. 50% of cabinet are female.” — @NAAAHRAtlanta

“”The unwritten rules have just as much power as the written rules…”

“You will gain access to experience that you may not have access to when you venture out to nontraditional events, etc.”

“Organizational awareness is so important for progression within your company/industry.”

“Sponsor”: someone who can vouch for you and has credibility as well; someone who will be lIstened to when it counts”

Q: How do you keep the diversity conversation relevant with “diversity fatigue” in the marketplace? A:”Diversity fatigue comes from the same trainings and conversations over and over. Training is only 1 part of it.”

Q: What changes would you like to see in diversity moving fwd? A: “I’d like to see the conversation be more authentic.”


An engaged audience at AT’s Workplace Diversity Summit wonderfully hosted by Georgia Power. Thank you to our host and all who attended.

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