Top News: Student Loans, Helping Long-Term Unemployed and Yahoo E-mail Hack

“The Government Doesn’t Know How Much Its Student Loans Cost”

Depending on whom you ask, the government either makes tens of billions of dollars on the backs of student borrowers, or more or less breaks even. The debate, which boils down to the arcana of accounting techniques, was hotly contested last year, with Democrats such as Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren decrying how the government “profits” off student loans. The controversy caused Congress to ask the Government Accountability Office to weigh in, which led to a reportreleased today. The GAO came back with a non-answer, finding that there’s no good way to know how much the government spends or makes on funding student loans.

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“Big Companies Join Obama in Initiative to Help Long-Term Unemployed”

President Obama has persuaded some of the nation’s largest companies, including Walmart, Apple, General Motors and Ford, to revamp their hiring practices to avoid discriminating against applicantswho have been out of work for a long stretch of time.

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“Yahoo Announces (Sort of) an E-Mail Hack”

Yahoo! (YHOO) yesterday informed customers that it had discovered a hack into their e-mail accounts. But the announcement, made in a blog post, isn’t particularly illuminating.

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