All About VoiceoverCity, LLC President: Gerald Griffith

Gerald Griffith is the founder and President of VoiceoverCity, LLC located in Atlanta, Georgia.  Having had an interest in public speaking and presentations for many years, Gerald decided to look into using his voice in the voiceover industry. Lacking a network of contacts in Atlanta area to connect with he decided to form a small group with the goal of networking and growing together.  That group, VoiceoverCity-Atlanta, was formed in December of 2012 with an initial goal of having 10-20 members.

Within 3 months, the group had ballooned to more than 50 people. Around that time, members of the group began to ask about setting up classes to continue learning.  As the group neared 100 members, Gerald found himself spending most of his time away from his small IT Company, coordinating and planning training sessions for the group now known as VoiceoverCity.

Today, VoiceoverCity, LLC is the area’s largest voiceover resource and has an office located in Northwest Atlanta where they provide training and coaching to those looking to start or continue building their voiceover career.  The once small group with a goal of reaching 10-20 members, enjoy a membership of more than 550 members.

In addition to the local successes, Gerald started what is now the largest voiceover industry event on the east coast.  The event is a conference for the voiceover industry and features talent from around the country.

Born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida as the last of 11 kids, Gerald had plenty of opportunities to learn about speaking.  His uncle was the founder and pastor at a local church and Gerald often found himself involved in oratorical contest sponsored by the church.  Those skills serve him well today as he often opens classes at Voiceover by engaging attendees about what they want out of the training and how he can work to serve their needs.

As a husband and father of three kids, Gerald enjoys being able to expose his children to the positive people he meets through VoiceoverCity in hopes that they will learn the importance and value of communicating effectively and helping others.

Gerald is very thankful for the opportunity he has to work with people as they look to build their careers or start new ones.  “Helping others and seeing them discover and realize their potential is very rewarding and exciting.” Says Gerald.

He has goals of adding more services to those offered today at VoiceoverCity and from what he’s done so far, that’s something to look forward to.

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