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Mobile Apps I Can’t Do Without

By: Brent Leary

I was asked about what mobile apps I use for business that I couldn’t live without. There are way too many to name here, but below are a few apps I use daily that you may want to check out.


Tact is a new app that brings together all your customer information — from your email and calendar, to and LinkedIn — so you can capture your important conversations in one simple app.
Tact helps you capture and follow up on important calls, emails and meetings. You can create notes on your conversation as it happens, set up a follow-up task, and optionally log it to


A new app from Facebook, Paper visualizes your news feed plus other pre-set categories of information, with stories curated by their popularity. It is a great way to view and share content from your
Facebook community while
on the go. This is a must-have if you spend a lot of time on Facebook while on your phone.


Last year I flew over 75,000 miles, and every one of them was on Delta. The Delta app keeps me on time and serves as my boarding pass. You can also change seats, check your Skymiles, track your bags and book flights. So, if you travel a fair amount on Delta, you shouldn’t leave home without this one.


I use Google Maps whenever I’m going somewhere I’m not familiar with. It’s a battery hog, but it’s worth it if you want to make it to your destination. What’s really cool is that it uses geo location so when you’re typing in an address,
it auto completes based on your current location. So, you typically only have to type a couple of characters before it figures out what address you’re looking for.


If you have a Google Voice account, then you need to use this app. It makes it so easy to manage your GV account, get voicemails, or read the transcript Google makes from your voicemails.


Honestly, I could’ve done a list totally dedicated to Google mobile apps, but I’ll just point out a few others I can’t live without — Gmail app, Chrome app and the Google Hangout app. All of these I use daily when I’m on the go. Oh yeah and the Google Drive app for managing files on the go.


Ibuy a good amount of the things I buy online from And now I’m buying more and more of my Amazon purchases from the mobile app. Recently, I had
a Best Buy gift certificate I needed to use in the store. I actually used the Amazon app to scan the barcode on the product I was interested in, and within seconds product information and buyer reviews popped up on my phone’s display. That gave me enough information to go ahead and buy it.
And for you ecommerce sellers, Amazon recently came out with an app just for you to manage your sales on the Amazon platform.


I have an American Express Delta credit card, and this app is great because it gives me notifications when a transaction on the card takes place; so I know right away if something goes through that is bogus. It also gives me an up-to-date balance, any deals I’m eligible for, and easy access to support if I need it.


If you’re a Mac user, you can use Keynote to build a slide presentation on your laptop. You can also buy the $10 app and run Keynote on your iPhone or iPad. What’s cool here is you can run your Keynote presentation on your Apple device, and show it on your big screen television if you have an Apple TV device connected to it. And now that Microsoft has recently rolled out Office for iPad, I’m starting to get into using Word, Excel and Powerpoint on the go.

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