How are you feelin’?

By Ramese Long

Hey there! How are you feelin’?

Each time I sit down and write for this blog, I realize the likelihood of you being inspired to really get moving is slim to none. However, there is the possibility that you may be coming to the point where you have had enough of your current state and dare to step into your fear. My job is to give you as many tricks as possible to keep you moving forward.

It’s now summer and you’re still slacking? Here’s my summertime tip for you: stay on your fitness vacation. Yes I said it. Here’s why…

If your plan was to kick off the new year on a new fitness mission and you have yet to take off, then the probability of you starting in the summer is like the Kool-Aid man telling kids to drink water. It’s not happening. So, as you continue on your extended vacation, I want you to ask yourself this one question often, particularly after you eat, “how am I feeling?” And ”Could I feel better?”

Seriously; how are you feeling? Do you ever take the time to think about how you are feeling? Not solely on the level of, “my back feels great” or “my knees still ache.”I’m talking on a physical and emotional level. Chances are, you rarely think about how your body feels unless something is hurting, and you may never address your emotional well-being.

Use this vacation as a learning experience for yourself. Since you’re not busy exercising, you should pay close attention to how you feel. After you eat during the day, do you feel energized or overstuffed, depressed, regretful? When you walk up or down the stairs, do you feel as if you are walking with a 60-lb. backpack? When you wake up in the morning, do you jump out of bed or continue to lay in bed until the very last minute? If you start paying a little attention to how you feel, you will soon realize there is always room to get better. There has to be a time in your life when you were feeling good. It does not matter if it was in your youth or just a couple years ago, the bottom line is there was a time when you felt good. Search for that feeling and simply apply it to your current place in life. In other words, your age. Don’t expect to feel like you did in your 20s when you’re in your 40s. Be real and do better. You do better…you feel better, you feel better…everything gets better.

That’s how I used to feel year after year. How you feelin’?

Do someTHIN!

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