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The World’s Smallest Scanner

Swiss software company Dacuda has developed a scanning device no bigger than the stapler in your office.

The Pocketscan designed by Alex Illic, formerly of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, can instantly scan anything from textbook pages to large design sketches. In this mobile society, this handheld scanner was deigned to be portable, light and easy to use like other mobile devices. Its functionality makes it a useful tool for anyone: businesses, college students and even designers.

Before the Pocketscan, Illic’s firm developed a scanner mouse that could be linked directly to a computer with a cable. The difference between the original scanner mouse and the Pocketscan is its ability to intake images at 400 dots per inch. Each image produced by the Pocketscan can be immediately reprinted.

Most images need to be put in an editable Word or Excel document before it can be scanned. The Pocketscan bypasses this process by scanning texts and charts before inputting them into Word or Excel. Pocketscan is also able to recognize 198 different languages, meaning it can serve as an on-the-go translator if you are also carrying another mobile device.

The projected price is approximately $150 but early funders on Kickstart are expected to help decrease this price. Click the link below for more information on the product and its features.




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