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Sprint Creates a New Hybrid Device

Sprint has taken two outdated devices and created a hybrid pocket projector/mobile hotspot that might be a good addition to a smartphone or tablet.

The Sprint Livepro offers a built-in-4- inch disply with Android 4.2 for direct access to content, as well as an embedded speaker. The main selling pitch is that it not only functions as a mobile devide but as a pico projector as well.

The Livepro can put out a virtual screen with a 10-foot diagonal, approximately the size of a 120 inch screen TV.

This hybrid device also includes a backup battery capable of charging your mobile devices, with 5,000mAh capacity to power both itself and your gadgets.

Remember hotspots? Well, the Livepro was designed to use this outdated concept to provide Wi-Fi for eight devuces at the same time. It can also connect to mobile devices via HDMI, USB or Wi-Fi Miracast.

The audio used by the projector can be transmitted via Bluetooth or 3.5mm out and can connect to mobile devices via HDMI, USB or Wi-Fi Miracast.

If it can compete with other mobile devices created by companies like Google, the Sprint Livepro will go on sale for $450.

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