Drop and give me 10!

By Ramese Long

This week I’m going to switch things up. I’m going to give you a 2-week fitness challenge using my technique: The Rule of 3.

This week’s exercise: Pushups

First, we must get you to execute a pushup with good form. I like to do pushups a little differently than most. If you can imagine someone standing in front of you and they’re invading your space, how would you push them away? Arms extended and elbows down. I duplicate that same movement when doing a push up. Most will do a push up with their elbows up, but I get more fatigue in my chest when I execute a push up with my elbows in. Next, with your feet shoulder width apart (or on your knees) make sure your back is flat like an ironing board, then slowly lower you chest (not chin) a few inches from touching the ground. If you’re not strong enough to go that low, then do what you can for now. Something is better than nothing and the more consistent you are, the stronger you will get.

To use The Rule of 3, simply do t sets of pushups (with good form) and count your maximum reps for each set … then find the average repetitions for the 3 sets and that number is your baseline minimum for the next time you do pushups. The next time you do pushups, if you don’t achieve that baseline minimum number on all 3 sets then you do another 3 sets of pushups to maximum fatigue.

The next 2 weeks…

Here’s the challenge to get you moving using The Rule of 3:

1. Establish your baseline minimum for pushups. Three sets of pushups to maximum capacity. Find the average repetitions of the 3 sets and that is your baseline minimum.

2. Do your pushups 4 out of 7 days a week. No more than 6 days a week.

3. At the start of your second week, establish a new baseline minimum number.

Stick with this formula and you will notice what once seemed very difficult to do in the beginning has now become “tolerable.” But you must do the work!

Do someTHIN!

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