A Letter From: Your Body

To whom it may concern,

I realize that time of year is just about here. With spoonfuls of temptation lying ahead, I couldn’t let another week pass without trying to get your attention…again.

Parties, candy, drinks, sweets, vacations, food and more food. We both know what is about to occur. This week, I’m not going to preach to you about how many days a week to go to the gym, how much cardio to do, how long we need to meditate. I simply ask you not to forget that you have the power to decide how many pounds we will have to work off after the New Year.

This time, I’m going to turn the tables on you and ask: What is your real plan as far as your health is concerned? Are you going to be like the “norm” and ignore what I keep telling you? Every day we get a little bit older, so why not make it easier on us to function on a daily basis? It only gets tougher.

This holiday season to please remember all of the reminders I’ve given you. Seriously, let’s think about sticking to a realistic routine that won’t overwhelm us, but one that will keep us going in the right direction. That’s not too much to ask, is it?


YOUR body

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