Hard truths and no excuses!

By Ramese Long

In the past few weeks I have seen numerous social media posts with the headline: Can’t wait to get back in the gym!  I applaud your excitement to get back on your routine, however, if you can’t wait to get back in the gym then why are you waiting?

Some excuses are easier to identify than others but if you look deep enough you can always spot the obstacle because it boils down to doing the work to get in shape or not. Keep in mind, I am not trying to crush your New Year’s Resolution before it starts, I’m trying to help you reach your goal and eliminate the necessity to “get back in the gym” every year.

Another year has passed, and you’re still not where you want to be physically. Why? Because you’re starting with excuses in December, so what’s going to change once the “new car” smell has disappeared in January?

Getting in shape is a process of hard truths and no excuses. These 3 points will help you get to the truth and eliminate most of your excuses…

1. There are no shortcuts.

2. If I constantly “talk” about getting back in the gym, I probably won’t get back in the gym.

3. I should be healthier.


Hard truths and no excuses. Do someTHIN!

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