The Editor’s View: Cream of the Crop

By Katrice L. Mines, Editor

The consensus was certain with the cadre of executives we selected to celebrate as this year’s Superwomen: None thinks herself so super. Each of our honorees, well known in professional and civic circles throughout metro Atlanta and nationally, wanted to be sure that we understood she is merely doing what she loves. None needed to make that clarification. Our process is organic; the cream rises to the top. While we come to know our celebrants through the contributions they’re making in their chosen fields, the ethos behind our choice group each year is more than professional achievement. It’s an affinity for giving back that almost always lands them on our radar because we understand the tenet of sowing what you want to reap is as central to success as most anything. The work and individual accomplishments of each of our cover women speak to that point.

This year, we take a behind the scenes peek into the lives and work of Letty Ashworth, director of Global Diversity for Delta Air Lines; Candy Moore, senior vice president and Southeast community development manager for Wells Fargo; Patrise PerkinsHooker, vice president and general counsel for the Atlanta Beltline; and Daphne Nicely, executive director of the Atlanta Pregnancy Resource Center, and the dogma that drives each of them. If we’ve met our intent, you’ll find a bit of yourself or a woman in your life in one or each of our 2015 Superwomen as well as our Women to Watch because they are all really just like us. Sisters, mothers, wives and daughters who grabbed the reigns of opportunity with preparation. Mentors and protégés moving along with “next” as more than a matter of space and time but a calling of sorts. If we’ve met our intent, you will feel celebrated through this issue dedicated to successes of African American women on the whole. After all, the success of one woman is inspiring to countless others.

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