3 of a Kind

By Ramese Long

As 2015 continues to pass us by, I can imagine your 2015 resolution has been “resolved” in your mind as you soak up the summer rays. Your biggest challenge is yet to come, the holidays.

With that being said, it’s time to come up with another approach for you to get and stay on the fitness bandwagon you keep abandoning. As always, I have tried to simplify the process of starting a fitness regime simply because there are so many variables when it comes to fitness that it can quickly become overwhelming.

You may be asking yourself: What gym is right for me? How many days a week do I need to work out? Do I work out when I’m sore? Why am I so hungry all the time? Why am I never hungry?

Those are just a few to start; so let me help you break this down in a more simplified way.

There are three main areas of fitness: strength training, cardio conditioning and food. I have said this before, pick one area per day to focus on if you are struggling with consistency. For instance, if your plan is to work out three times a week but you only make it to the gym once a week then I advise you to switch your approach using this method to gain consistency and discipline.

First, it’s important to plan your week. If you do not have an outline of what you’re doing, chances are you will not hit your mark. Once you have decided how many days a week you plan on focusing on your health, then decide which area of fitness you want to accomplish for the day — strength, cardio or food. Remember, this is your process so adjust it accordingly to what works best for you. (You can focus on making a change in more than one area per day if you desire.)


Monday-Food/Tuesday-Off/Wednesday-Strength/Thursday-Cardio/Friday-Cardio & Food/Saturday-Strength & Cardio/Sunday-Off

All you are looking to do is to remember your mission to create a process which works for you and will move you forward. This may seem extremely basic but before you disregard it consider whether your current plans getting you closer?

Do not make this tip complicated. It is simply meant to ease your mind of the stress that comes with starting a fitness program but to also give you a viable approach to creating a long-term habit.

If you feel better, you do better…you do better, everything gets better!

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