Editor’s View: The View From the Top

By Katrice L. Mines, Editor

It’s not every day that you walk into an issue photo shoot and it is filled with black senior executive women who all work within the same corporation. Well, to be frank, it’s never happened in the nearly 10 years that I’ve been a member of the editorial staff of Atlanta Tribune. My associate editor overheard a passerby ask what was going on in the area of The Coca-Cola Company headquarters where our team was assembling the group for this historic feature package. Someone replied: it must be a sorority gathering. Almost, but not quite; though they are a group of women associated for a common purpose. That part was accurate.

The women of Coca-Cola – 17 game changers – came to their paths of success from varied directions. They have wide-ranging philosophies about their impacts on the world around them, and getting the most out of their lives and careers. But, they all have two things in common: an understanding that they didn’t get to where they are alone and that reaching back is key.

So, this opportunity to get behind the desk with each of them to hear about where they started and how they stay inspired, and what it took for them to be in the position they’re in today was golden for us. Hint: You’ll want to take notes. Not only did it give us an occasion to make this auspicious introduction, but it is an opportunity for us to say: we see you, you inspire us … and well done. AT


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