The Editor’s View: You Are More Than Capable

By Katrice L. Mines, Editor |

“You can do anything.” It was a short and concise affirmation that I heard repeatedly from one of my mentors when I was a teenager. And as I grew into an adult, I’d hear myself saying it to others when I was preparing to attempt something outside of my comfort zone or just dramatically new to me: I can do anything. In more recent years, it has evolved just a bit to, “I am more than capable.”

When I connected with one of my junior high science teachers on LinkedIn two years ago, his first message to me was, “I see you’ve come along as expected.” Even that brief note … a nod to his having noted my intent to be something great, if you will, was a welcomed bit of affirmation for me to stay the course.

Sometimes, naturally, doubt creeps in, but I figure I have time to worry about that if I fail. In most instances, I have come through whatever I am embarking upon successfully. Though the unknown can be frightening, constantly building up your mind makes you intentional. You leave very little to chance; you plan for success. And so, I tell others the same thing, constantly … You are more than capable. I tell people I know and perfect strangers alike because I believe in the power of my words; I believe in pronouncements (not to be confused with announcements). But, I have also begun to add an addendum from Bishop T.D. Jakes, “Get organized for what you’ve prayed for.”

I find myself extremely interested in the words my colleagues and other executives have used to help them stay inspired and encouraged throughout their climbs up the ladders of various industries. I use what they share from the people who have helped push them in a minute mentoring sort of way. I take what I need to motivate me and very often parrot it in my circle. And that is the theme of this Young Executive Issue. Our 2016 Leaders of the New School — Chef Sepsenahki Aahkhu, Stephen Vault, Cori Fowler and Anthony Davis, and the young executives featured throughout the issue all have similar stories of the formative and bolstering guidance they’ve received throughout their pursuits.

We hope that you will take what you need and in turn, share some of what has helped you throughout your career with us. Tweet us or post it on the Atlanta Tribune: The Magazine Facebook page and we may include it in our upcoming issues.

Take what you need and be on your way. AT


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