The Editor’s View: Lessons of 2016

By Katrice L. Mines, Editor

Midway through this year I started thinking about the lessons of 2016. This has been a year of accelerated learning for me – from transformative experiences to a few “aha” moments when I finally overcame an obstacle that has impeded me up until now. (Those were some of the most impactful.) I was constantly making note of the differences I noticed in myself. In the past, I would have determined this year a letdown because of the growing pains. But, there is nothing like being able to see how the process has improved you; and I’m reminded that we are made stronger through our valleys – not the mountaintops. I’ve written several times about how rewarding it is to realize that you have increased your capacity, but those were instances that I had initiated. That was the difference for me this year; challenges arose that I hadn’t pursued. So, I’ve been quite introspective but also curious about what the most impactful lessons of 2016 have been for others.

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