What To Know Now: Election Day

Today is election day across the United States, and the city of Atlanta is holding a general election for mayor, city council president, three at-large council members, 12 by-district council members, and 10 city judges. Twelve candidates are in the running to succeed Mayor Kasim Reed, who served two terms in the city that has been helmed by African-American leadership in its top office for 40 years.

If you didn’t cast your vote early, the polls across Fulton County will be open until 8 p.m. And you’re still researching the candidates, we’ve got you covered with ADW’s Exclusive Mayoral Questionnaire.

Be sure you double-check your polling place and review a sample ballot by entering your info at the Georgia secretary of state’s My Voter Page.

Here is a snapshot of the candidates for mayor, city council president and city council seats:


  • Peter Aman
  • Rohit Ammanamanchi
  • Keisha Lance Bottoms
  • John H. Eaves
  • Vincent Fort
  • Kwanzaa Hall
  • Laban King
  • Ceasar C. Mitchell
  • Mary Norwood
  • Michael T. Sterling
  • Cathy Woolard
  • Glenn S. Wrightson

City Council President

  • C.T. Martin
  • Felicia Moore
  • Alex Wan

City Council Member Post 1 At Large

  • Michael Julian Bond (incumbent
  • Courtney D. English

City Council Member Post 2 At Large

  • Cory Ruth
  • Matt Westmoreland
  • Bret R. Williams

City Council Member Post 3 At Large

  • Andre Dickens (incumbent)

City Council Member District 1

  • Ron Aribo
  • Oz Hill
  • Mo Ivory
  • Bill Powell
  • Carla Smith (incumbent)

City Council Member District 2

  • Amir Farokhi
  • Stephon Ferguson
  • Zelda Jackson
  • Nick Mulkey
  • Lauren Welsh

City Council Member District 3

  • Ricky Brown
  • Greg Clay
  • Ivory Lee Young Jr (incumbent)

City Council Member District 4

  • MR Adassa
  • Christopher Brown
  • Dan Burroughs
  • Jason Dozier
  • Nick Hess
  • Kimberly Parmer
  • Shawn Walton
  • Deborah “Sister” Williams
  • Cleta Winslow (incumbent)

City Council Member District 5

  • Natalyn Mosby Archibong
  • Liliana Bakhtiari

City Council Member District 6

  • Jennifer N. Ide
  • Kirk Rich

City Council Member District 7

  • Rebecca L. King
  • Howard Shook (incumbent)

City Council Member District 8

  • J.P. Matzigkeit
  • Anna Tillman

City Council Member District 9

  • Kwame Abernathy
  • William Harrison
  • Dustin Hills

City Council Member District 10

  • Andrea Boone
  • Kenny Hill
  • Beverly Rice

City Council Member District 11

  • Harold Hardnett
  • Debra F. Harris
  • Latarsha D. Holden
  • Anthony Johnson
  • Edith Lapido
  • Brionte McCorkle
  • Marci Collier Overstreet
  • Georgianne “Doc” Thomas

City Council Member District 12

  • Randy Gibbs
  • Michael Jackson
  • Joyce Sheperd
  • Dana Watley

Get out and vote!

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