The Editor’s View: The Game Changers Issue

By Katrice L. Mines | Senior Editor


Inspiration can come from just about anywhere for me. I was at a casual gathering when I met Marie Denee, a.k.a. The Curvy Fashionista. We have a mutual friend whose special occasion brought us together, and we started chatting after she complimented the boot and duster combination I was wearing. I’ll insert here that Denee doesn’t meet a stranger. That was something we had in common; conversation comes easy for us. That strength mixed with ambition and curiosity will surely take you places. I’m proof of it. And I always say that interested people are the most interesting. I was already well aware of the TCF brand but I hadn’t put the pieces together that this was the face or brilliant mind behind that platform. We went toe-to-toe, back and forth with questions about each other’s career trajectories and what it was that brought us to Atlanta. We could likely be doing what we’re doing in another metropolitan city, but this was just the place that drew us. And Atlanta has been fruitful in that not only can you find the success you’re looking for, you can also readily find it reflected back to you among your peers.

This young executive issue is a bit of a departure from what we’ve done in the past as we went outside of the traditional sectors and professions that would typically be mined for the next movers and shakers. These, we suggest, are some to watch. George Olokun, executive director of Next Big Thing Movement, Doll Avant, founder and CEO of Aquagenuity and Jason Crain, entrepreneur in residence at Amazon. I wouldn’t be surprised if you already know them. But, if this is your first time hearing their names, know that it won’t be your last.

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