NEWS ROUND-UP: Abrams Campaign Files Lawsuit to Protect the Rights of Absentee and Provisional Ballot Voters

The Abrams for Governor campaign filed a lawsuit to find relief for eligible Georgia voters whose votes were rejected despite good faith efforts.  The filing of this new lawsuit will seek to extend the certification deadline in the state of Georgia to Wednesday while asking for ballots rejected for arbitrary reasons to be counted. The votes that have continued to come in have overwhelmingly supported Abrams, but the battle being waged right now is ultimately about counting every ballot and ensuring every voice is heard.
AJC: The Jolt: Behind Brian Kemp’s push for Stacey Abrams to concede
by Jim Galloway, Greg Bluestein, Tamar Hallerman
The state Democratic Party on Sunday filed a lawsuit asking a federal judge to tell counties they must count ballots rejected for what the party says were “arbitrary reasons.” […] Let’s get back to the Kemp name-calling: i.e., referring to Abrams as a “disgrace to democracy” and some sort of electoral burglar. That’s not the patient language of a campaign that’s comfortable in its victory. Confidence does not shine through in that kind of phrasing.We can rule out some motives. As the Florida governor’s contest has reminded us, concessions are not binding. They are political statements, not legal ones. Nor, we hope, is this about Kemp wanting to be addressed as “governor-elect” in the media for the next eight weeks. If he’s due the title, that will come soon enough.[…] Kemp’s not trying to persuade Abrams to concede. He’s trying to make sure that his own people don’t stand down — and that hers do.
By Vanessa Williams
Democrat Stacey Abrams is continuing her fight to force a runoff in the Georgia governor’s race and filed a new lawsuit Sunday to block counties from tossing out some absentee and provisional ballots.[…] Over the weekend, 5,000 votes were added to the tally, most of them favoring Abrams, which the campaign has cited in urging that county and state officials not rush the process but work to make sure all ballots are collected and counted.
By Jay Reeves
Stacey Abrams’ Democratic campaign filed a federal lawsuit Sunday asking a judge to delay vote certifications in Georgia unsettled governor’s race by one day and to make officials count any votes that were wrongly rejected. […] Allegations by Abrams supporters of voter suppression, long voting lines and other balloting problems are hard to ignore given Kemp’s “aggressively partisan conduct as secretary of state,” said Michael Kang, who teaches election law at Northwestern University’s law school.
See full lawsuit here.

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