5 Black sitcoms to celebrate Halloween with

Halloween specials are a staple of classic sitcoms, and if you’ve lived through the 1990s and early 2000s, you’ve seen your fair share of Halloween sitcom episodes. Some of the most memorable Halloween episodes hail from sitcoms catering to Black audiences, and while there are many we could list, here are five of the most memorable.

1. “Stevil,” Family Matters

In this Halloween special, Steve (Jaleel White) tries to impress the Winslows with his new ventriloquist dummy. However, when lightning hits the dummy, it terrorizes the Winslows and tries to kill Steve. While the episode is pretty creepy, it also gives a look at just how integral practical effects were on Family Matters, such as the variety of ways puppeteers and costumers created the character of Stevil.

2. “Hex and the Single Guy,” The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

After the death of Trevor (Brian Stokes Mitchell), Hilary’s (Karyn Parsons) news anchor fiancé, Hillary tries to say a final goodbye with a séance. But when Will (Will Smith) makes fun of the psychic Scorpius (Glenn Shadix), Scorpius places a curse on Will, which makes the lives of his family hell.

3. “The Nutty Moesha,” Moesha

Obsessed with trying to do well in school and take care of her family while her stepmother Dee (Sheryl Lee Ralph) is away, Moesha (Brandy) takes part in a study for a new energy vitamin. As you can imagine, the pill has some unintended side effects for both Moesha and Niecy (Shar Jackson), who also takes part in the study.

4. “Boo’s in the House,” Martin

Martin (Martin Lawrence) believes he’s found the perfect house for himself and Gina (Tisha Campbell). But what seems too good to be true turns out to be their worst nightmare after they realize the house is haunted.

5. “Trick or Truth,” Girlfriends

Halloween might have been a feature in this episode, but it quickly takes a backseat to the more important story at play–Toni (Jill Marie Jones) and Joan’s (Tracee Ellis Ross) broken friendship. After Toni realizes her man cheated on her out of revenge, Toni tries to repair her relationship with Joan. Turns out this is a problem only God and Donnie McClurkin can fix.

Which Halloween specials are your favorite?

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