Comcast NBCUniversal Celebrates 7th Anniversary of ‘Voices of the Civil Rights Movement’ Platform

Comcast NBCUniversal hosted a special dinner program and screening in Atlanta tonight to celebrate the seventh anniversary of its Voices of the Civil Rights Movement platform, which commemorates the legacy and impact of America’s civil rights champions. The program honored Atlanta-based civil rights champions who contributed their stories to the Voices of the Civil Rights Movement, including:

  • Charles A. Black — Former Chairman of the Atlanta Student Movement
  • Brenda Hill Cole — Retired Georgia State Court Judge
  • Alexis Scott — Retired Publisher, Atlanta Daily World
  • Dr. C.T. Vivian — Distinguished Minister, Author and Civil Rights Leader
  • N. Ambassador Andrew Young — Former Executive Director of SCLC
  • John Lewis — Former National Chairman of SNCC (honored in absentia)
  • Lonnie King Jr. — Leader of the Atlanta Student Movement (honored posthumously)
  • June Dobbs Butts — Eminent researcher and therapist (honored posthumously)

“I am thrilled to participate in such a special evening where we can fully appreciate the many contributions our brave civil rights leaders have made,” said Ambassador Andrew Young.  “I applaud Comcast NBCUniversal for its dedication to giving a voice to such an important part of our nation’s history.”

The event will took place at the historic Friendship Baptist Church located in Atlanta’s Vine City Community, where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. raised his family. Since its 1862 founding, Friendship Baptist Church has enriched Atlanta and provided foundational principles for its leaders to anchor and carry forward the civil rights movement across the South.

“Being part of the Voices of the Civil Rights Movement platform is an honor, and I am grateful that Comcast NBCUniversal created this initiative to allow these stories to be shared with viewers across the world,” said M. Alexis Scott, former publisher of the Atlanta Daily World.

Comcast customers can experience the entire Voices of the Civil Rights Movement collection on Xfinity On Demand — just say “Black History: Always On” into your X1 Voice Remote. The platform is also free to the general public at and @CivRightsVoices on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

Click here for more information about Comcast NBCUniversal’s Voices of the Civil Rights Movement platform.

Comcast honors and celebrates Civil Rights icons at its Voices of the Civil Rights event in Atlanta.
Jason Gumbs, Regional Senior Vice President, Comcast South
Ebonne Ruffins, Vice President of Local Media Development, Comcast

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