Celebrity OB-GYN, and Married to Medicine Star, Dr. Jackie tells women all about intimacy, vaginas and sexuality

Every question you’ve been too terrified to ask, Dr. Jackie has an answer to. And her honesty, wit, sass, and straightforward advice will make readers of her new book Dr. Jackie Walters’ new book, THE QUEEN V: Everything You Need to Know About Intimacy and Down-There-Health-Care feel like she is speaking to them directly.From sex, intimacy and ‘down there’ health care, Dr. Jackie Walters offers a personalized journey of self-discovery and empowerment.  

Every woman is different, and that’s why Dr. Jackie has taken her over twenty years of
medical experience and created five distinct vaginal personalities (VPs for short):

The Virgin Mary – Conservative, conscientious, quiet;

The Sanctified Snatch – kindhearted, reserved, and possibly, religious;

The Coochie-Chondriac – worry is your middle name;

The Mary Jane – dependable, classy, idealistic, and one of the most common VPs Dr. Jackie encounters; and

The Notorious V.A.G. – adventurous, spontaneous, and in it to have an orgasmic time. These VPs allow readers to have a tailor-made experience with the book and learn about their bodies on a personal, as well as scientific, level.

Whether she’s covering questions about libido, contraceptives, labiaplasty, fertility, or her own personal triumph over breast cancer (twice), Dr. Jackie answers with her signature pragmatism and grace. Her anecdotes and explanations are easy to follow, down-to-earth, and relatable. THE QUEEN V is a guide to self-awareness that will educate, entertain and empower anyone who has breasts and vagina and wants to know how to care for them.

Dr. Jackie Walters has been a practicing OB-GYN since 1997, treating high-profile clients like the Braxtons, rappers T.I., Usher, Kandi Burruss and Eva.

A two-time breast cancer survivor, in 2013 she founded the 50 Shades of Pink Foundation. A star on Bravo’s “Married to Medicine”, she has been featured in Essence, Glamour, People, and has over half a million followers on Instagram.

Dr. Jackie frequently travels across the country to spread awareness about women’s health. She lives in Atlanta.

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