Fulton County Offers Business Training Program

Fulton County Offers Business Grant Training Program

The pandemic has changed how we work, learn and interact as social distancing guidelines have led to a more virtual existence, both personally and professionally. It’s impact on the way we conduct business has been substantial – businesses have been forced to adapt to new public health guidelines. With that in mind, WorkSource Fulton in conjunction with Select Fulton, the economic development arm of Fulton County, has developed a reimbursable workforce training program for businesses in Fulton County.

“Our goal is to help businesses get employees back to work as quickly as possible by providing a training reimbursement program,” said Robb Pitts, Chair of the Fulton County Board of Commissioners. “We understand that the sooner businesses can upskill their staff, the better our economic outlook …  and we want to ensure our local economy’s vitality by helping our businesses.”

In order to qualify for workforce training reimbursement, businesses must meet the following requirements:

  • Business must operate in Fulton County
  • 50 percent  of employees to be trained must have been employed with the company for at least six months
  • Company must be in good standing with the IRS
  • Company is responsible for up to half of the total costs of training
    What the program offers:

Matching employer investment in covering the costs to upskill and train workforce. This can include but is not limited to reimbursement for tuition fees, instructor fees, training course materials, and training space.

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