Hands of praying young man and Bible on a wooden table.


by Geoffrey P. Jones


He still can be found in the garden

From which he was taken so very

Long ago… A robe can be seen

Flowing gently in the wind as the

Half-light of dawn illuminates the path

To all redemption for those who can



I often sit alone at night and think of

You… I have doubted your existence

As any sane man has… Time and again

I have doubted… For logic can only deny

Your mission… Yet it is true that logic

Cannot be employed to understand

And grasp that which by design defies

All reason… And thus the true meaning

Of faith is revealed…


The ages have faded but not so the

Legions… A ripple of truth has wrought

Wave after wave… The garden is barren

From which you were taken, but the

Dominion of light has spread to the sea…

I someday will fall into doubt once again

In a moment of weakness I beg to avert…

But faith will prevail over frailty and

Logic… And again I will confirm my


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