Leaders must act now to end senseless gun violence

A police officer points his gun at the armed man. (Newsflash)

Leaders must act now to end senseless gun violence


Statement of Fulton County Commissioner Khadijah Abdur-Rahman

on the tragic death of Grayson Fleming-Gray in Dixie Hills Neighborhood


It makes no sense that a 6-month-old baby has become a statistic on the APD homicide list. Even worse, the second such youthful death this month.


It breaks my heart to know that another young life, who hadn’t even seen life yet, was killed in Fulton County, caught in the crossfire of evil-doing adults with guns. Police tell us that on yesterday, the baby boy, Grayson Matthew Fleming-Gray was the 12th homicide investigation of 2022 for Atlanta police and the 11th due to a shooting.


Being sad is not enough. Hearts and prayers are not enough either. We need action. We as elected leaders need to step up and stop talking and start doing something about this upward tick in senseless gun violence.


I think we need to start asking tough questions and reevaluating our strategies. What more can we do to reverse the steady rise of crime in our most vulnerable neighborhoods and communities? We cannot only care during election season.


On behalf of the entire Mighty 6 District Family of Fulton County, I extend our condolences to the family of little Grayson. I invite all constituents, community leaders, law enforcement officers, and elected officials to come together to end this senseless violence and promote a better quality of life for all of our citizens


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