Republican scheme to seize control of Fulton County gets backdoor help from so-called Democrats

Republican scheme to seize control of Fulton County gets backdoor help from so-called Democrats

Statement of Fulton County Commissioner Khadijah Abdur-Rahman


Today, so-called Democrats in the Georgia State House introduced a bill that could effectively give control of the Fulton County Board of Commissioners to the right wing.

If Democrats comprise a super majority of the voters in Fulton County, why would we now give up control to members of the Trump-led Republican party, by letting them hide their allegiance on the ballot. In 2020, Democrat Joe Biden won 74 percent of the Fulton County vote. In 2018, Democrat Stacey Abrams won 72 percent of the vote in Fulton.

I and many other Democrats in Fulton are appalled to learn that Rep. David Dryer, who is supposed to be the DEMOCRATIC leader of the Fulton County House Delegation joined a few others in sponsoring a bill so titled (HB1244)​ to make commissioner elections NON-PARTISAN, but ONLY IN FULTON COUNTY, no other county in the state. The other so-called Democrats who signed this bill are ROGER BRUCE, PARK CANNON, KIM SCHOFIELD, ANGELIKA KAUSCHE, and MARY ROBICHAUX.

What this bill does is allow the right wing’s candidates to HIDE their allegiance and loyalty to Donald Trump on the ballot. I believe that if you are a Trump Republican, voters need to know it. That is why in Fulton we NEED to have party primaries and general elections.

All of this begs the question: why would these so-called Democrats, especially Fulton’s House Democratic leader, Rep. Dryer, conspire with Trump loyalists to sponsor this bill? Fulton County is under assault by Trump and all those who wish to seize power from the PEOPLE of our county.

I ask every member of the Georgia House and Senate to oppose this bill with everything they have in their political arsenal. Also, every voter that goes to the polls this year needs to remember how their state legislator stood on this issue.

AGAIN, why is it that this bill only negatively impacts Fulton County? How come it was NOT written to include EVERY county in Georgia, including those that are controlled by Republicans?

Don’t be bamboozled. This is a move that hurts the fairness of elections and is a scheme for Republicans to hide their allegiance to Donald Trump so they can sneak into office and takeover Fulton County.

Don’t let that happen. Not on OUR WATCH.

Citizens can reach each of these “Democrat” House members and voice their outrage over this scheme at the following email addresses and phone numbers. Click their name link to visit their official House website page.


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