Discover Your Oasis at Woodhouse Spa Buckhead

photo credit: Tom Baylark

Discover Your Oasis at Woodhouse Spa Buckhead

Come discover an oasis for rejuvenation, mood elevation and wellness at Woodhouse Spa Buckhead. From a wide variety of facials, therapeutic massage treatments, and restorative therapies, the staff at the new luxury spa will customize an experience just for you. Woodhouse Spa Buckhead is located at 65 Irby Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30305. For information about their services, and to make reservations, call them at 678-391-4333 or visit their website: buckhead.woodhousespas.com.

“We are looking forward to providing a welcoming environment for all of our guests,” states Stacey Howell, owner of Woodhouse Spa Buckhead. “As the newest flagship location in the prestigious Woodhouse family, we’re excited about offering the latest treatments and therapies for health, wellbeing, and a renewed spirit!”

Whether guests are seeking a unique way to celebrate birthdays, bridal parties, promotions, anniversaries, personal milestones, or as part of their ongoing self-care routine, Woodhouse Spa Buckhead offers a full-service menu. And the spa’s unique “mood care” experiences help create a refreshed and renewed feeling that lasts far beyond treatments. A complete list of their signature services is available on the website, but here are some of their offerings.

  • Choose from a wide variety of options from the Tranquil Stone classic Swedish massage, the Deep Tissue Transformation to soothe your muscles, the relaxing Couple’s Retreat, or the therapeutic Restorative Sleep Massage.
  • Enjoy a Meditative Mood Soak which combines a sensory sea mineral enriched bath with a Body Balance Massage, or try Halotherapy to clear your thoughts, skin, and lungs naturally in the spa’s dry salt sanctuary.
  • Treat yourself to skincare that will leave you feeling toned and radiant with options like collagen masks, facial cupping, Gua Sha, HydraFacial boosters, LED and microcurrent treatments. Sculpting, hydrating, exfoliating, deep cleansing, or lifting and firming, they can create a session customized for your needs.
  • Whether you want buffed nails or long-lasting polish, experience the spa’s not-so-traditional manicures and pedicures. Choose from a menu of relaxing or invigorating treatments including massage, hand to elbow exfoliation, and the addition of healing essential oils.

In addition to services, the spa features a Quiet Room for guests who seek an escape from the noise of the city, a dedicated space for inversion table therapy, a beautiful patio to relax and enjoy lunch, and a retail store with some of the spa’s signature products so guests can continue their self-care at home.

Founded in 2001, Woodhouse is a premier spa franchise with a fresh approach to self-care. As a pioneer in mood care, they offer guests a holistic approach to wellness that lasts long after they leave the spa. With 75 locations, they are the gold standard of neighborhood spas, powered by their commitment to an unparalleled spa experience that focuses on total wellbeing. For more information visit them at woodhousespas.com.

Woodhouse Spa Buckhead is owned by Stacey and Hollis Howell. The wife and husband team intend to infuse the spa with a sense of joy, establish it as a place that celebrates diversity, and to become an integral business that serves the wellness needs of the community. Follow them on social @woodhousebuckhead. To learn more about their services, and to make reservations, call them at 678-391-4333 or visit their website at buckhead.woodhousespas.com.

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