Atlanta Artist Takes Black Hair To New Volumes

Atlanta Artist Takes Black Hair To New Volumes 

Amber Nicole Studio Debut Art Exhibition

Atlanta-based 3D visual artist Amber Nicole will debut My Hair Speaks Volumes art exhibition on July 16th at the Ambient+Studio from 5pm-9pm. Amber Nicole utilizes vinyl records, floral arrangements, and crystals on blank canvases to create 3D visual art as an artistic representation of the beauty in black women and natural black hair.

Amber Nicole works to target and challenge the use of mixed mediums to convey the complexity of art while holding on to the beauty and vintage of the items used, which have withstood the test of time, making them conceptually similar to the journey and care of black hair. Her passion for music emerges within her appreciation for natural hair journeys, the preservation of music in vinyl form, and a hope to remind the world that black hair continues to transform and make divine hair statements.

My Hair Speaks Volumes take on themes inspired by the patience it takes for black women to take care of their hair and the juxtaposition represented within the message behind her work. Amber Nicole harnesses an artistic perspective that unveils a unique hair story displayed through each canvas curated.

Amber Nicole will give an exclusive discussion on My Hair Speaks Volume collection.

Art enthusiasts and collectors are welcome to attend a VIP happy hour at 4pm at








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