Stacey Abrams raises $22 million in 60 days, far outpacing Gov. Brian Kemp

The gubernatorial race in Georgia continues to gain momentum months before the November election. In terms of campaign funds, Stacey Abrams is currently outpacing Gov. Brian Kemp by millions, according to Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

In May, Abrams garnered $9.8 million in campaign contributions and added another $12.3 million in June. The Democratic leader has about $18.5 million of cash on hand which allows her to add personnel and increase advertising spending.
Abram’s challenger, Gov. Kemp, has severely lagged in terms of campaign funding in that same period, collecting $6.8 million.
Both candidates are spending heavily with Abrams at $30 million and Kemp at $17 million.

Although Abrams outpaced Kemp in campaign funding in May and June, the race remains tight. On June 28, the Quinnipiac University poll revealed that Abrams and Kemp are tied at 48%.

In a memo, Abrams campaign manager Lauren Groh-Wargo said, “We are in an uphill battle, but our vision of One Georgia is within reach, and we are excited to make it so.”

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