‘Noire Women’s Wellness’ Promotes Mind, Body and Soul [Video]

An exciting new magazine is joining the publishing space to provide comprehensive health and wellness information to women of color. Noire Women’s Wellness magazine’s mission is to bridge the gap in information for and representation of Black women in fitness and health publications. Noire’s astute contributors include doctors, health professionals, fitness experts, and yoga instructors, with a single objective: to educate and motivate Black women about physical, emotional, and mental health. Noire Women’s Wellness magazine is a 360° wellness approach for mind, body, and soul.

Noire editor, Kaye-Ann Sadler, is a Jamaican-born entrepreneur raised in Brooklyn, NY, and currently residing in Atlanta. She discovered a love for fitness through her experiences as a former all-natural professional bikini competitor. As a freelance fitness writer, Kaye unlocked her passion for writing about the many facets of fitness. She also has more than ten years of experience in developing sustainable businesses and in business operations.

Kaye is a proud graduate of Virginia State University, and holds a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Georgia, with a concentration in operations. Additionally, she holds a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, certifying her in process development and improvement. Kaye-Ann’s experiences in the fitness industry opened her eyes to the gap with health-related information and resources for Black women. She created this publication to combat stigmas, celebrate health champions, bring awareness to common issues within our community, and to provide health-related guidance.

“Welcome to Noire Women’s Wellness Mag! Sit back, buckle your seatbelt, and enjoy the ride. Because it’s been one heck of a journey for me!” ~ Kaye-Ann Sadler. Editor-in-Chief

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