Quest Community Development Helps Atlantans in Need Access Services

Quest Community Development receives grant from NeighborWorks America to help increase access to services for the most vulnerable population in need of housing in the city of Atlanta.

Quest Community Development recently announced the organization received a $1.7 comprehensive community development grant this year from NeighborWorks America (fiscal year 2022.) Quest Communities will use this grant to help people experience better outcomes related to eradicating homelessness and housing insecurity.  For over 20 years, Quest has created intentional communities to demonstrate that everyone deserves an opportunity to achieve their dreams.  Since 2001, Quest has helped over 10,000 Westside Residents create better lives for themselves & their families.

The nonprofit will use the grant to continue to secure housing units for those in needs as well as to offer accredited services and programs that help elevate our residents’ quality of life.  Our Long-term Vision is to perfect a collective impact model using Socially Equitable Housing and a services delivery hub as vehicle for Community Revitalization.  Quest Communities, a member of the national NeighborWorks network, will also utilize the grant to continue our work with our incredible Collaborative Service Partners, we coordinate a host of health, economic and social services for Westside Residents.

Quest communities CEO Leonard Adams says, “We hope that our work ultimately helps to change the perception around affordable housing, proving that equity can be delivered across the socio-economic divide. And through the assistance of NeighborWorks and grants like this one that help us realize our mission.”

NeighborWorks America announced that it is awarding nearly $1.7 million in grants to 26 NeighborWorks network organizations to incorporate a comprehensive community development approach into their work and help produce meaningful change for their communities. Comprehensive community development is a resident-led approach focused on place that aims to improve lives and strengthen communities.

“Communities are facing challenges, such as access to affordable housing, addressing health disparities or creating economic opportunity,” said Paul Singh, NeighborWorks America’s vice president of Community Initiatives, “and NeighborWorks America believes the best approach to help solve them is a comprehensive one. In order to be equitable and sustainable, residents and local stakeholders need to be the ones to drive meaningful change in their neighborhoods and create vibrant local communities that offer people equitable opportunities to thrive.”

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