Mothers’ Day Gifts and Gadgets for Leveling Up

It’s Mother’s Day and a lot of us- although we adore our mothers’ – got caught off guard regarding the national holiday that some regard as one of the most fitting and deserved celebrations of non-religious or patriotic days of the year.

That being said, Mother’s Day gifts and celebrations are typically come from time-worn traditions, like breakfast in bed, Queen for a Day status, flowers and chocolate – and of course children.

But if you think you’re late getting on the  Mother’s Day favorite child train – you may be able to beat your siblings and the others to the station and ultimate destination – her.

So skip the flowers and perfume and focus on her vitality, style and sensibility.

If Mom’s wearing glasses make them spectacular. The Loise Lorraine collection eyewear is a stunning line of eyewear designed especially for Black faces and facial structures,

Face it, mom’s are always bosses so play to the business and practical side of your mom with top-of-the line eyewear which is all the better to see you with.

The Louise-Lorraine collection tops our list of smart and literally visionary gifts for mom with exquisite design and detail that shows the world she’s the stand-out you think she is.

Visit to see the full line and enhance your view.

If Mom comes to visit from time to time, takes the annual girl’s trip or just likes her weekends away, Take OFF luggage can keep her from having that airport incident with the size of her bag and whether or not it’s a personal item or a carry-on. The Wheels on this hardshell luggage retract to make it a big purse or just a personal item, but either way she won’t have to debate or pay airline gatekeepers for an extra carry on.

Visit Take Off luggae at

Google wants to remind shoppers that special products and deals are available just ahead of Mother’s Day.

At the top of the list is the Pixel 7 Pro, a phone with state-of-the-art camera quality. The phones are $100 off from May 10 through May 21. The product can be purchased at the Google Store, Amazon, Best Buy and Target.

The Pixel Watch includes Fitbit technology that monitors its user’s health. The smartwatch features voice commands, Google wallet, Google maps and event notifications through Google Calendar. The watch has a $50 off deal from May 7 through May 14 for the base watch, and $70 off for the LTE version. It’s available at the Google Store, Amazon, Best Buy, Target and Walmart




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