GOP Senator Believes It’s An Opinion To Define White Nationalists As Racist

Photo: Getty Images

Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville (R) is again defending white nationalism.

In an interview with CNN’s Kaitlan Collins on Monday (July 10), Tuberville was asked to clarify his previous remark that white nationalists are simply “American” and shouldn’t be barred from serving in the military.

“If people think that a white nationalist is racist, I agree with that,” Tuberville said.

“A white nationalist is someone who believes that the white race is superior to other races,” Collins responded.

The GOP Senator then refuted her definition of a white nationalist, saying that it was merely “some people’s opinion.”

“My opinion of a white nationalist — if somebody wants to call them a white nationalist — to me, is an American. It’s an American,” Tuberville said. “Now, if that white nationalist is a racist, I’m totally against anything that they want to do, because I am 110% against racism.”

“If you’re going to do away with most white people in this country out of the military, we got huge problems,” he added.

When Collins again stated that white nationalists were racists, Tuberville replied: “Well, that’s your opinion. That’s your opinion. If it’s racism, I’m totally against it.”

On Tuesday (July 11), Tuberville doubled down on his stance when speaking to reporters on Capitol Hill.

“I’m totally against racism,” he said. “If the Democrats say that a white nationalist, in which they said, well, that’s the definition, then I’m totally against white nationalists … everybody’s got a different — but I’m not getting into definitions — but I am totally against any form of racism, always have been.”

“There’s nobody less racist in this building than me,” the senator added.

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