Atlanta Falcons Star Rookie Bijan Robinson Hosts Camp With Mercedes-Benz And YMCA

Words and Photos By: Johnathan Husbands

Atlanta Falcons running back Bijan Robinson joined the fun at Camp MBUSA and helped to assist the youth in their safety training. We spoke with Robinson about the impact this event will have on the youth in the community. “I want this to have the biggest impact… I don’t want this just to affect here but the whole world eventually.”

When asked how much this event means to him, Robinson said, “This is my favorite thing to be out there with kids…I feel like God brought me here to influence them and become a role model for them… It is such a blessing to be able to come in and not only be their favorite player but also a friend and put a smile on their face.”

Robinson’s goal is for events like these to reach places and people by inspiring them to flourish in their creativity fully. When asked about the partnership with Mercedes Benz and the YMCA, Robinson said, “This could change the world and help so many people… it’s pretty special.”

Robinson also shared with us what his foundation’s future will look like. The Bijan Robinson Foundation is looking to expand its reach now that the star running back has the resources to give back to his community.
“We want to build this to a whole other magnitude, especially here
in the city,” he said.

Mercedes Benz invited the kids of the YMCA of Metro Atlanta to join them for a day of fun at Mercedes Benz USA as a part of their Driving Your Future initiative. Mercedes Benz USA provided the YMCA with fun games, activities, and safety lessons to take home.

Camp MBUSA was the Mercedes Benz 1st ever safety event centered on safety and ensuring that kids know the best practices when having fun this summer. MBUSA set up various stations for the children, such as a water station where they learned how to properly put on life vests when enjoying themselves in the water on a hot summer day. They also participated in relay races to see which team could run the fastest.


The next station was all about car safety and making sure that when kids get into their parents’ cars, they are buckled up properly for their safety. MBUSA also had a station where kids could get fittings for their very own helmets before testing their skills in the bike rodeo. The bike rodeo is where the kids had to ride through an obstacle course and follow the rules of the road that were set up for them.

The YMCA has been impacting the lives of our communities for years. At MBUSA, we got an inside look at what the YMCA of Metro Atlanta wants to instill throughout the community.

We also spoke with the YMCA’s Drew Hullinger, the Vice President of Residential and Outdoor Programs, about the group’s fun-filled educational day.

“It was great to partner with Mercedes Benz, the volunteers from Safe Kids Worldwide, and to top it all off with a visit from Bijan Robinson… we’re just really excited to be here.”

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