Exclusive: Tommy Davidson Discusses Legendary Career, Impact Of ‘In Living Color’, And Comedy Show In Atlanta

Tommy Davidson has brought laughter to the world for over 30 years. Most of the nation were introduced to Davidson on the hit show “In Living Color” before starring in other hit shows such as “The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder” (Disney +) wit season 2 premiering February 1, 2023. Other recent guest starring credits include CBS comedy series The Neighborhood, VH1’s hit A Black Lady Sketch Show; the Nick Cannon-directed Miracles Across 125th Street, BET+’s The Ms. Pat Show and the Netflix special Sarah Cooper: Everything’s Fine.

Beyond TV, Davidson continues to do stand-up comedy by touring nationwide.

This weekend, Davidson will bring his tour to the Atlanta Comedy Theater.

Davidson recently spoke with ADW and shared insight on his legendary career, “In Living Color,” and his stand-up comedy show in Atlanta.

You’re returning to Atlanta for three shows. What can attendees expect from this show?
I’m just on a mission to just dispense happiness. If I could make some people feel real happy with all the stuff that’s going on, I feel like that’s my purpose. I really feel a heightened sense of purpose. Because I know what’s necessary, happiness is necessary. And we all try to get it in different ways. Come on in the door and get happy.

“In Living Color” continues to have an impact 30 years later.

I didn’t think 30 years ahead. But I knew we were killing it. I knew that the better it would get and the more it stayed around, the more people would realize how absolutely excellent we were at being funny. I’m talking about experts at comedy.

What is it like to have an impact on different generations?

It makes me grateful to be a father, because my kids crossed over with me. And they all experienced “The Proud Family.” I got two generations of that. So bringing quality, I think is the main thing that has come out of my whole experience. Now, it’s about how popular you are. And that never really was a game for me. The game for me was how entertaining am I? How good am I at what I do? I’m in that zone.

What are your thoughts on the new age of comedy where social media comedians have gained fame online?

I like it. I don’t like all of it. But like anything, they’re expressing themselves in an atmosphere that’s familiar to them. And they’re joining in within their limits. They are just some great guys out there that you just can’t deny it.


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