Black Man Who Used Folding Chair In Alabama Boat Brawl Posts Bail

Photo: Getty Images

A Black man who was widely regarded as a hero after using a folding chair to fight back against white assailants in the Alabama boat brawl has posted bail.

Reggie Ray, 42, was released from jail on Saturday (August 12) after being charged with disorderly conduct in connection to the massive brawl that broke out on August 5 at the Montgomery Riverfront Park, per Daily Mail. Over $250,000 has been raised in defense of Ray and others who responded to the white assailants that attacked riverboat co-captain Damien Pickett on the dock.

“Mr. Reggie Ray is out,” civil rights attorney Lee Merritt said in an update. “He is in good spirits. He got a speeding ticket on the way home but was relieved to discover the community showed up for him and others in such a strong way.”

Videos captured the moment when a group of white men attacked Pickett, who had instructed a parked pontoon to move from the dock to make room for a riverboat to offload its passengers. At one point in the videos, Pickett can be seen on the ground as he’s being struck by the group.

A number of bystanders intervened to defend the co-captain, including Ray, who wielded a folding chair against the assailants. After video of the brawl went viral, the folding chair became known as a symbol of unity among Black social media users.

Last week, the Montgomery Police Department announced arrest warrants for three white men in connection to the viral brawl. Police previously said they were looking to speak with Ray, who ultimately turned himself in to authorities on Friday (August 11).

It’s unclear if the funds raised were used for Ray’s bail, per Insider.

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