Atlanta City Council Member Keisha Waites Introduces Resolution Requesting State Legislature to Adopt Erica’s Law

Atlanta City Council member Keisha Sean Waites is urging the Georgia Assembly to approve the Erica’s Law resolution which imposes strict penalties for and more severe consequences for “super speeders’ on the city’s streets and highways.

The legislation would impose harsher punishments for drivers caught drag racing, driving recklessly and traveling at unsafe speeds.

“Speeding is a significant contributor to road accidents and fatalities. Legislation aimed at controlling speed limits is essential to safeguard public safety and reduce the incidence of accidents on our roads. Erica’s Law is our commitment to road safety; holding violators of speeding accountable is a principle that demands our attention and diligence. Excessive speeding poses a significant threat to the well-being of individuals on our roads, and accountability serves as a crucial mechanism to address this hazard.”

Under Erica’s Law drivers caught racing, driving recklessly or driving at high speeds would receive the following penalties for those offenses:

First offense: license suspended for five years.

Second offense: license suspended for 10 years.

Third offense: license suspended for life.

The legislation also proposes the resolution be named “Erica’s Law.” Erica Pines, an Atlanta resident, was critically injured in a vehicle accident in July 2023, shattering her leg and rendering her immobile.

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