Audrey M. Edmonson to the Receive Rosemary M. Jones Living Legend Award in 2024 at the Women’s Power Caucus

South Florida icon and community leader, Audrey M. Edmonson, is set to be honored with the Women’s Power Caucus Quiet Storm “Living Legend” Award in 2024. Recognizing her exceptional contributions to housing advocacy, transit governance, and community development, the award celebrates Edmonson’s transformative leadership.

“It is my distinct honor to present this award to Miami-Dade County’s former Commissioner Edmonson,
who is affectionately referred to as Commish, because she is without a doubt deserving. She has done
so much for the South Florida (So Flo) community, representing the interest and needs of her
community like a Quiet Storm or a Warrior Queen when needed,” said Woodie Lesesne, founder of the
Women’s Power Caucus.

As a graduate of Miami Jackson Senior High School to the Chair of the Miami-Dade County Commission in 2018, Edmonson’s journey is marked by resilience and dedication. The “Living Legend” Award acknowledges her outstanding and effective leadership that benefited the people of District 3 and the county.

Edmonson’s dedicated advocacy, among many other initiatives, led to the historic redevelopment of two
major projects in Miami’s Liberty City. They were the Liberty Square Housing community and a major
transit hub in the city’s neediest community, which was named after her as a tribute to her tireless
work. Both projects have been transformative improvements in the lives of the community members.
The WPC recognizes Edmonson not only for her political roles but also for her active engagement in
various community organizations and causes, near and dear to her are the Delta Sigma Sorority, Links
Miami Chapter and more.

The Women’s Power Caucus presented by LMG Entertainment, is an annual event aimed at attracting like-minded women. Founded by Woodie Lesesne, Co-founder and president of LMGE, the event celebrates and recognizes the achievements of exceptional women, fostering a collective sense of power and community. 954-243-3518 FB:WPC Network Tw: @WPC_LMG

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