LoveU Bunches Serves Up Empowerment: Announcing the Official Launch of Girls’ Tennis Apparel

LoveU Bunches, the premier junior girls’ tennis apparel brand, is making stylish and empowering tennis wear accessible to girls worldwide. Founded by 11-year-old Taelyn Kelsey Gray, an inspiring 6th grader at Gwynedd Mercy Academy Elementary School in Pennsylvania, LoveU Bunches represents more than just sportswear; it’s a movement that champions girls’ confidence and empowerment on and off the tennis court.

A Story of Inspiration, Empowerment, and Legacy

Taelyn Kelsey Gray’s journey into the world of tennis began at the tender age of 5, inspired by none other than tennis legend Serena Williams. It was watching Serena’s incredible feats on the court that ignited Taelyn’s passion for the sport. She picked up a tennis racket and fell in love with the exhilaration of hitting the ball.

However, Taelyn’s story of inspiration and empowerment is not complete without the profound influence of her beloved grandmother, affectionately known as Grandma Gray. Lena Gray left an indelible mark on Taelyn’s life before her untimely passing from cancer in 2022. Taelyn cherished the countless moments she spent with her grandmother, who instilled in her an unwavering belief in herself, consistently reminding her she was a true winner.

At just ten, Taelyn began her journey as an author, writing her first book. But that was just the start. Fueled by the belief that she could conquer any challenge, Taelyn also launched her girls’ tennis apparel line, a testament to Grandma Gray’s boundless inspiration.

Grandma Gray’s legacy, a constant reminder that, with unwavering self-belief and the encouragement of a loved one, there are no limits to what one can achieve, continues to fuel Taelyn’s passion and determination to this day.

LoveU Bunches, born out of Taelyn’s own experiences and her desire to empower girls like herself, is more than a business—it’s a heartfelt mission. Taelyn’s unique story, intertwined with her grandmother’s enduring legacy, is woven into the fabric of LoveU Bunches, making it relatable, interesting, and deeply meaningful. Her early encounters with tennis mirror the journeys of countless young girls who discover their love for the sport and, in doing so, embark on a path of self-discovery and growth.

Empowering Tomorrow’s Tennis Stars

As the initial launch of the company, LoveU Bunches is excited to share its unique vision with the world. The brand’s commitment to empowering young girls aligns with the rising trend of youth sports participation, especially among girls. Recent statistics show a significant increase in girls’ tennis participation over the past few years, highlighting the need for quality apparel that boosts their self-esteem and encourages them to excel in sports and life.

LoveU Bunches offers a range of stylish tennis dresses, with each design symbolizing one of four core principles: Passion, Confidence, Growth, and Power. The dresses are not just a fashion statement; they are an embodiment of empowerment. Prices for these empowering tennis dresses start at $49.55, making them affordable for families who want the best for their aspiring tennis stars.

“LoveU Bunches is more than just tennis apparel; it’s a movement that empowers girls to achieve greatness through passion, confidence, growth, and power,” says founder Taelyn Kelsey Gray. “We stand by our commitment to inspire and uplift young girls, providing them with affordable clothing styles and accessories that reflect their unique personalities. With LoveU Bunches, every girl can embrace her passion, unleash her confidence, nurture personal growth, and harness her inner power. We are changing the game, both on and off the tennis court.”

Viewers and shoppers can visit the official website at to explore the collection and take advantage of these limited-time offers.

LoveU Bunches is a premier junior girls’ tennis apparel brand dedicated to providing affordable, high-quality clothing for girls who love and play tennis. Founded by 11-year-old Taelyn Kelsey Gray, the brand empowers girls to believe in themselves and embrace their individuality. Through a commitment to inclusivity, LoveU Bunches aims to inspire girls to achieve greatness through passion, confidence, growth, and power.

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