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Take Off

By Ramese Long

Flight 2014, you are cleared for takeoff.

How’s the New Year’s Resolution going? Been consistent at being inconsistent? As we enter month two of 2014 ask yourself, “Am I any closer to my fitness destination?” Just for argument sake and based on experience, the answer is more than likely a resounding “NO.” Don’t lie to yourself. Tell the truth. Don’t belabor the negative aspects but acknowledge them, accept them and move forward. Buckle up, it’s time for takeoff.

Flight Attendants, prepare for takeoff.

I get it. Starting a fitness program is daunting. I know the concern. You’re asking yourself: how many days a week do I work out? How long do I do this? What about this and that? Still too busy? So on and so on. My job as your coach is to motivate, but ultimately help you develop a new thought process with regard to fitness. Time to leave the runway and fly.

The Captain for flight 2014 is you.

Let’s look at this stalled New Year’s Resolution. First, did you set a destination? If you didn’t, that’s the first problem. How are you going to get anywhere when if you don’t know where you’re going? You know this already. Or did you choose the same destination? The same one from last year and the year before? Did you cancel the trip? You’ve been there before, it’s boring. Choose a different place to go (in other words, an entirely new fitness goal). One or more you’ve never achieved or set. Mix it up. Try different things. Who knows what you can come up with? The information is out there. No more excuses this year.

Flight 2014 is next. Are you ready to takeoff?

When you’re going on vacation, how long do you like to sit on the runway? Not very long if your anything like me. So take off. You must go. You can’t idle forever. But, how do you get going in month #2 when you didn’t do so well in month #1? Again, pick a new destination, have a map, determination and faith you’ll make it. It’s simple, the most physically demanding part of your fitness routine is right in front of you. Get it over with.

We’ve reached altitude. The Captain has turned off the seat belt sign.

This is when you can start to look at fitness in a different light, if you choose to. You’ve gotten through the hard part. At this stage you’ll realize, it’s something you can do. You’re feeling better than ever, seeing changes in your body and your moods. Could you actually like this? Nah, not yet.

The Captain has turned the seat belt sign back on. Turbulence signaling turbulence ahead.

I never said the ride would be smooth. But you can handle it. You knew this was going to be a long flight. You also know if you keep going you will reach your destination. Would you be ok if the pilot turned your flight around every time the plane encountered a little turbulence? Imagine how long of a flight that would be. Why is it ok for you to turn your flight around?

In most cases, by the time you’re on auto pilot you’ve surpassed your personal plateau of laziness. This is good because it’s uncharted territory which means your body remains in a state of adaptation. This is the phase where you try different things with your routine. Use the turbulence for your benefit. Take into account what works, what doesn’t work, how long it works, and have fun. Mix things up in this stage because exercise is now a habit, so keep your mind and body guessing in order to alleviate boredom and continue to see results.

Please bring your seatback to the upright position and prepare for landing.

This is the hardest part of the flight. It takes the most skill and focus. In the fitness realm, this is typically the last five pounds. I’ve experienced this personally. It is the hardest thing you will do in this journey. It takes more discipline, focus and a plan. Just as you set the destination when you took off, you need to map out a plan for landing and begin scheduling your next trip. Think of how great you feel when the plane lands and you’ve reached your destination. Imagine how it will feel to take your body to a place it’s never been.

As I’ve said in the past, don’t just read this blog to read it. Stop living in fear of failure. Get up. Care about your body. We’re creating a new thought process. Don’t worry about what your neighbor is doing. Do whatever is going to make you feel successful in the moment. Keep creating small moments of success and they will grow as you lose. Have a safe flight.

Next time: The C.L.A.S.S. Reunion Fitness Challenge

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