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Enemy of your State?

By Ramese Long

Who’s your worst enemy?

Still trying to get in shape? I bet you’re starting to rationalize it to yourself by saying, “this is the way I am” or asking “how did I do this to my body?” How many times have you asked that question? How often do the questions you ask yourself leave you feeling discouraged, hopeless and sad? Sixty pounds ago I lived in that state of mind for years.

The problem is: You’re expecting to make changes while asking yourself questions that reinforce the negative emotions you are trying to alleviate. At one point or another many of us have adapted to the thought process that we should persecute ourselves relentlessly until we feel we are motivated to make positive changes.

Starting to see the issue?

If you’re a parent, would you let your child emotionally beat themselves up before they make a positive change? You wouldn’t allow it. Why is it ok for you to do it to yourself? Because you don’t know it until you can see it. I was in such a negative state of mind, those thoughts and actions became second nature. You must catch yourself when you do it, take immediate action and change course. Slowly but surely, this default mode will become a thing of the past.

Your thought process is a result of what you’ve fed yourself up to this point in your life. If you use sewer water for your plants, what result can you expect? Bottom line…you must search for a variety of ways to get yourself out of this unproductive thought process by exploring new things. Move, meditate, walk, write, don’t get depressed and go sleep or eat, go jog, read, etc. I can’t tell you which one is going to work best for you because ultimately the choices you make are yours but I can tell you, it works! If one choice doesn’t work, then try another…if that choice initially works then you get bored, try another and another. Don’t forget, this entire journey will always be a process. If you’re truly committed to this process then the process will begin to unfold and show progress. The next choice you make will determine the outcome you desire.

Do someTHIN!

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