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If You Wanna Lose Weight …  Don’t try to lose weight!

By Ramese Long

Get fitter not fatter! Get fitter not fatter! Get fitter not fatter!

Now, I know that’s not grammatically correct but that’s the mantra I used for years to keep myself on track to go from a high weight of at least 230 pounds down to my current weight of 170.  I consistently said that to myself to reprogram my unproductive thought process. I wish someone would have told me what I’m going to tell you before I started my journey to find myself underneath all the body fat I had accumulated over the years.

What’s my secret?

If you really want to lose weight, then don’t try to lose weight.

In the words of Lil’ John . . . “WHAT?” You’re probably thinking I’m going to shoot you another motivational quote and say, “don’t try . . . just do!”  No.  Not today.  The secret key to the fitness kingdom is to focus on feeling healthier everyday you wake up.  Why?  It’s simple; the only way you will feel healthier everyday is by your daily actions to create and sustain that feeling. Of course exercise can be a pain (pun intended) however, let me give you my perspective as a personal trainer of 22 years and former “hibernating teddy bear.”


When I first started to get back on track I did the same thing as you. I asked myself, “What’s my goal?” And answered: “I want to get back in shape.”

“Where am I right now?”

I don’t wanna know, so let me ignore it for now.

“Where do I want to be”?

I’ve never been this big in my life, so I really don’t know that either.

I just don’t want to feel this way any longer.

I could go on and on with the thoughts, fears, questions that ran through my mind but I started on this journey regardless because I knew that the end result would provide than just achieving a six pack!

Now, I tell all of my clientele to feel as healthy as you possibly can for as long as you can during the day because if you feel better you do better.  The process is simple . . . not easy . . . but simple.  Look at it this way, when Friday comes what do we all do?  We say “TGIF, I’m going out and have some fun!”  Most of the time, the fun we are referring to involves some drinking, eating and whatever else may be on the agenda.

Now, I am not saying to give that up but I am saying, if you are stuck in the abyss as I was then one of the best recommendations I can make is for you to look inside and focus on your energy, moods, sleep, etc.  You can only feel better by creating healthier habits. If you stick with this process then the weight you want to lose will disappear much faster than you could ever imagine. I’m speaking from personal experience.

Through my personal journey I have created The Rule of 3 for myself and my clients. What’s the rule?

The Rule of 3:

This used to be my binge breakfast every Saturday morning on and off for years:

Six chocolate frosted doughnuts and four glazed

A sausage mcmuffin (no egg) and a sausage biscuit

Large Orange Juice

How do you think I felt after eating all those calories, sugar and fat?

Can you spell I-T-I-S?

The Rule of 3 is about creating momentum and tipping the “fitness scale” in your favor. How does The Rule of 3 apply?  Simple. There are seven days in a week.  Take four of those days and focus on eating “healthier” than what you are, then take the remaining three days of the week and use those as your “cheat days.”  For instance, if you normally get a burger and a large fry: try a grilled chicken sandwich and a small fry on your “on” days. Keep in mind, on your three cheat days you are not required to “cheat” but you have the option to do so. Now, is this the ideal and quickest way for you to reach your weight loss goal? Absolutely not.  But, it is a great way to reprogram your thought process and daily habits without feeling overwhelmed so you start feeling and eventually looking better  . . .  long term.  The only way you will feel better is by exercising and eating healthier.

This is what happens . . . let’s say you are walking four times a week and “eating healthier” four of the seven days.  Well, if you were doing no walking whatsoever and eating fast food all day everyday then isn’t this an improvement? Yes.  As a result, on your “on” days you will feel more vibrant, strong and energetic, but when you decide to eat all that junk, I guarantee you will feel lethargic, sleepy and guilty (if you are truly serious about making a change). Remember, getting in shape is a process and will always be a process but I will help you continue to take those baby steps.  One after the other.

We all fell down as babies when we tried to walk but that didn’t prevent us from getting back up!

Do someTHIN!

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