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GSU Students Pump “LYFE” into Atlanta Small Business Marketing

A team of Georgia State University students and alumni are changing the way marketing is being done in the city of Atlanta. LYFE Marketing, an Atlanta social media marketing company, is helping small- to mid-sized businesses throughout the city grow their business online to gain more customers. The growing social media marketing company was founded by brothers, Sean and Sherman Standberry, along with their childhood friend, Keran Smith. Together, along with the help of talented GSU business students, the young company has made a positive impact on over 100 businesses in Atlanta.

LYFE Marketing was responsible for coordinating the social media efforts for the State Superintendent of Schools in Georgia, John Barge, in his bid for Governor. Despite his loss, social media played a large role in Barge’s campaign which resulted in more than 60,000 votes. Clearon Bleach Tablets, a national bleach product that was in more than 700 Walmarts globally, also turned to LYFE Marketing for coordination of their social media efforts as they hoped to reach a younger demographic. LYFE was able to help their brand reach over 200,000 people within three months.

“People are spending more time online than they are watching television, reading the newspaper, or even listening to the radio. Businesses need to adjust their marketing efforts to where their consumers are,” says Sherman. To help businesses with this, LYFE Marketing specializes in social media management to help businesses find, attract, and convert their target audience into more website traffic or sales leads.

Keran, cofounder and director of strategy, stated that having an appealing website is the most critical component of any online advertising campaign. “Gaining tons of leads and traffic from platforms such as Google, Facebook, and Twitter is great. But, if people do not like what they see when they get to your website, then you’re just wasting your time.” Because of this, LYFE also creates high-quality websites for their clients.

The Georgia State panthers plan to continue to pump “lyfe” into Atlanta businesses by providing quality online marketing services. As more social media platforms emerge, such as Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube, the future looks bright for the young company. When asked about the company’s future potential, the CEO and founder, Sean, states  “We use social media, we were born into social media, and we know how to help businesses make money from social media. Our goal is to be the go-to company in Atlanta for social media marketing services and have the results to prove ourselves.”


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