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Quick and Painless

By Ramese Long

I know you’re busy, so I’ll be brief…

I bet you already have an idea what I’m going to say and if you’re thinking it’s about the upcoming New Year, then you guessed correct. If 2015 is the year you’re really going to get in shape, listen up as I simplify the process for you.

Remember, you have three categories to focus on: Food/Cardio/Strength. I know you want success immediately, so if I had to pick just one category for a returning newbie to do, without a doubt it would be cardio. Surprised?

Here’s the breakdown:


More than likely, your current eating habits and patterns have been this way for years, so the likelihood of you making a permanent change in this area in time for you to “feel” successful are slim. I am not saying to ignore what you eat; I’m simply showing you a different way to look at fitness. You apply the portions of what I say that work for you.


This is very simple, if you’re already hesitant to workout then why pick the number one thing you’re going to complain about? “I’m sore.” … Sound familiar? Strength training is vital for long-term results, so do not ignore this area. Many people start off too fast with regard to strength training, which can lead to extreme soreness and the propensity to use the soreness as an excuse to quit altogether. This is why I recommend focusing on cardio if you’re looking to get back on track without being overwhelmed.


You move or walk every day. Soreness is not extreme unless you try wind sprints for the first time in 20 years. An activity such as walking will give you the desired endorphin rush and get your heart rate up. A little sweat never hurt anyone and it’s something you control (time/distance/route, etc.), therefore as long as you do it, there is no failure. A quick 15-20 minute walk each day will do wonders for you.


Do someTHIN!

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