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If you force it, it will fit!

By Ramese Long

I’m not talking about getting into those skinny jeans; I am talking about getting into some kind of fitness routine.

Why force it? Let me ask you this, when is the ideal time for you to start? If you think about your previous failed attempts you’ll see, when you start has very little to do with your success or failure, for that matter.

What are you saying?

I am saying, chances are no matter when you finally decide to stop procrastinating and move it will be a forced commitment. Most of the good things in your life require work and a large part of that work happens when you do not feel like doing it, but for one reason or another you do it…by force.

Force comes in many different ways. Are you going to force yourself to exercise or wait until you are medically influenced to think about your well-being?

Why would you wait for that to happen?

Seriously, why not make it easier and force yourself to move day by day, step by step and inch by inch? Eventually, these small steps in the right direction will fit into your day-to-day life. Only you know what you need to do to hold yourself accountable and force yourself to get moving. Trust me, once you stop dancing around the truth and make a decision you will begin to feel more powerful. You would’ve taken on a task which appeared to be too much and soon realized it wasn’t as bad as you thought.

I’ll never get to that point of liking this!

You won’t hear an argument out of me on that one. However, I will tell you there is going to come a time as you continue to work out that you will crave a day of exercise. When that day comes (and if you continue long enough, it always does), remember it because that is the fuel to keep you going … overcoming fears and reaching new plateaus!

You know working out is going to be tough at times, but you also know the result far outweighs the work if you simply do not quit. The more you force yourself to be open to exercise and your overall health…the more the force will be with you!


Do someTHIN!

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