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Get a Bandaid

By Ramese Long

I am hopeful with this year passing so quickly, you have been doing some kind of fitness activity whether it be walking, going to the gym, yoga, meditation, healthier eating, or anything else that is getting you closer to your ultimate you (the you that has been dormant for too long).

One of the easiest, safest and most effective pieces of equipment you can use in the comfort of your home, in addition to body weight training, is a resistance band. There are two kinds I like to use — ankle/leg resistance bands and full length bands with the handles attached to each end.

From time to time, I will abandon weight training for band work. What this does for me is immediately shock the body because I am using a different type of resistance. It increases your endurance and significantly changes your appearance by making you look more defined when you use them consistently along with a healthy diet.

When I do not feel like driving to the gym, I do a typical workout as I do any other time, however, I will do a body weight exercise such as push ups then follow up right after with a set of over head tricep extensions using the resistance band with the handles on each end. If you structure your workout in this way, you will fatigue in such a manner that you will see the value of resistance band training coupled with body weight training.

None of this is going to guarantee results for you. Bottom line, you will always have to find (and reinvent) your reasons for getting and staying off the couch. No matter how many fitness tips you have read, none will make an ounce of difference if you do not focus on the mental aspect of fitness. So, take this tip and add it to your repertoire for when you have those overwhelming “lazy moments” of not wanting to make the trek to the gym and get some band aid!

Sample “quick pump” workout

3-4 sets of pushups…12-20 reps

3-4 sets of overhead extension (resistance band)…to failure


3-4 sets of close stance squats…12-20 reps

3-4 sets of wide stance squats (with ankle band)…to failure


30-60 seconds rest between sets


Do someTHIN!

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